song of the summer

Katy Perry Launches New Music Video – See It Here

Summer is almost here, and new music is launching everywhere in hopes of taking the title of Song of the Summer. It’s an honour Katy Perry has held before, and one she could very well take hold of once more. Early this morning the Roar and Firework singer released her latest single, “Never Really Over”, and is sounds like it could be a huge hit for her.


Spotify Predicts The Song Of Summer 2017

Every summer there are songs that define it. Music that brings back images of where you were and what you were doing when they were big. It’s a position musicians love, because it gives their music an immortality that can be at time hard to get. Predicting this music can be hard to do, but Spotify has taken it upon themselves to give it a try for the Summer of 2017.


2016’s Songs Of The Summer

While summer doesn’t technically arrive until June 21st, we may very well have already heard the song that is destined to become the theme for it. There have after all been some catchy new music hitting the airwaves recently. Here are our top picks.