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X-Men: First Class – Movie Review

It is truly the year of the superhero movie. What started in January with the Green Hornet, continued in May with Thor, now moves onto a reboot of sorts to the series that started this comic book inspired trend in the first place. Will X-Men: First Class be as good as the first two movies in the franchise were, or will it be more like the third?


Movies Opening June 3rd, 2011

Hollywood’s slow release schedule continues, as does their love affair with comic books. This week has only one full release, and two limited releases. With the powerhouse that was the Hangover 2 last weekend it should be a battle for first place.


January Jones Turns Heads In New X-Men Flick

Geeks of the world are a probably having a hard time containing themselves as they await the latest X-Men movie to hit the big screen on June 3rd. Well thanks to 20th Century Fox they at least can catch a glimpse of some behind the scenes footage from the movie.