pet sematary

Pet Sematary Remake A Must-Own For Stephen King Fans

Pet Sematary was first released in 1983, and instantly became a huge hit for author Stephen King. Of course that wasn’t a huge surprise, considering at that time everything the best selling author wrote became a huge hit. Most of his novels eventually were turned into movies back then as well, and in 1989 the theatrical adaptation followed. The movie grossed over $57 million at the box office, which at the time was considered a pretty decent take. 30 years later the film has gotten a remake, and it did just about as well as the original.


Best Stephen King Adaptations

Last night Under the Dome premiered on Global, and more than likely fans of the original Stephen King novel will be complaining about all the changes that have been made to the story. In order for a novel to be converted into a tv show or a movie it’s inevitable that changes will be made, but there have been a few adaptations of Stephen King novels that have stayed relatively true to the source material. Here are our favourites.