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Are The Days Of Watching Films In The Theatre Over?

The current pandemic has already changed a lot in our lives, and when it’s all over with things may continue to be different. If recent events have taught us anything, people have gotten used to watching new films in the comfort of their own home and may start skipping the high-priced cost of seeing a film in public. Part of the decision may not even be their own.


Now Playing – Movies Opening May 11th, 2012

A week after the biggest opening in the history of movies has a very interesting mix of new releases. There’s a new Tim Burton / Johnny Depp collaboration, and two limited release flicks. The Avengers will probably stay on top however, at least for another week.


Movies Opening February 4th, 2011

Lately we’ve been seeing Hollywood throw everything at us, from horror to comedy to drama, but this week it seems like they decided to stick to the thriller genre. With the success of The rite last week it seems like a great choice. The new options are a based on a true story and produced by James Cameron caving movie, and a straight up horror movie about an obsessed roommate.