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Celebrity News Roundup: Ellen DeGeneres, Claudia Schiffer, Jesse James

Celebrity news roundup ellen degeneres, greyson chance, Jesse James, Michelle bombshell mcgee, Sandra Bullock, and Claudia Schiffer


Celebrity Mistresses Trying to Get Reality Show

Believe it or not, high-profile mistresses Michelle “Bombshell” McGee and Jamie Jungers are looking to cash in with their own reality show. McGee is the former mistress of Sandra Bullock’s husband Jesse James and Jungers was one of Tiger Wood’s many mistresses.

According to TMZ, the show would be about celebrities who cheat on their loved ones. The wo women would apparently try to catch celebrity cheaters in the act. The show is currently being shopped around by Bobby Goldstein who created the “Cheaters” reality show.

Despite the fact that this is a ridiculous concept, it may actually get picked up and air in some form or another. We’ll keep you posted.