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Watch The Trailer For The New Mutants

Everyone knew that Deadpool was starting a new trend in superhero films by making it R-Rated, a trend followed this year by Logan, but no one could have predicted it would lead to a full fledged horror film next. But that is exactly what The New Mutants appears it will be.


First Game Of Thrones Season 7 News Arrives In The Form Of A Poster

It’s typically at this time of the year that anticipation starts to build for the latest season of Game of Thrones, but unlike previous years we have to wait a little longer since an official premiere date beyond “Summer” has yet to be given. In true Game of Thrones fashion though, very little information about the upcoming season has been given at all. Yesterday though that changed somewhat, when HBO released the first official poster of the upcoming season.


Hollywood’s Top 10 Under 20

While most kids their age are attending class, hanging out with friends on weekends, and figuring out what to do with the rest of their lives, a few of Hollywood’s brightest and youngest acts are already living the dream. With riches, fame and success before even hitting the big 2-0, early talent is a gift given to just a few. Here’s our look at Hollywood’s top ten young stars, whether they sing, act, or do a bit of both.