George Stroumboulopoulos’ Secret Movie Had Crowds Lining Up

George Stroumboulopoulos announced last week on his hit CBC talk show that he was hosting a secret movie at the TIFF Lightbox theater in downtown Toronto on October the 18th, and everyone who e-mailed him would be put on the guest list. He even released a video tempting our curiosities further by letting us know that we would know the director and writer of the film, and that we may even have a “superfan-ish” devotion to them. It was all in good fun and games, and it worked.


Dirty Girl – Movie Review

Some movies have titles that draw you in, and later on you realize that the title had very little to do with the movie itself. Dirty Girl on the other hand may have the opposite effect and drive you away. Don’t let the title scare you though, it’s a heart warming drama / comedy about a girl who runs away and travels across the countryside with her gay classmate to find her father.