Ashton Kutcher vs Steve Jobs – Who’s Who In This Split Pic?

Ashton Kutcher shared a photo of his face split with Steve Jobs’ face on Twitter. We all know that Ashton is playing Steve Jobs in the upcoming biopic, jOBS, which premiered at Sundance. Although we’ve seen photos of Ashton looking pretty similar to a young Steve Jobs, this is the first we’ve seen of Ashton posing as Steve Jobs in his later years. We have to say, we can barely tell who’s who. Can you?


Sundance 2013’s Most Anticipated Movies

Awards season may be upon us, but it’s also time for the first film festival of the year. Sundance is one of the oldest film festivals, and this year it runs from January 17th – January 24th. We’ve put together a list of the movies we are most looking forward to this year.