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Ashton Kutcher Biopic jOBS is a Job Well Done

The long-awaited Steve Jobs biopic (directed by Joshua Michael Stern) does more than just describe the vision of Apple, or simply capture the dream of its legendary co-founder and leader on screen. It manages to explore the life, career, and personal relationships of an innovative, celebrated and highly complicated man (played by Ashton Kutcher), taking audiences into the underground technical world of Silicon Valley in the late 1970s and early ‘80s.


Ashton Kutcher vs Steve Jobs – Who’s Who In This Split Pic?

Ashton Kutcher shared a photo of his face split with Steve Jobs’ face on Twitter. We all know that Ashton is playing Steve Jobs in the upcoming biopic, jOBS, which premiered at Sundance. Although we’ve seen photos of Ashton looking pretty similar to a young Steve Jobs, this is the first we’ve seen of Ashton posing as Steve Jobs in his later years. We have to say, we can barely tell who’s who. Can you?