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Top Movies To Watch With Your Mom This Mother’s Day

You have to admit, even though you and your mom have a lot of things in common, you are different in a lot of ways too. One of the things you probably don’t quite see eye to eye on is your choice of movies. Here are some of our favourites that won’t make you cringe, or be uninteresting to her. And don’t worry, all of them can be found online so you can watch it together during our current quarantine.


Despicable Me 2’s Steve Carell’s Greatest Movie Roles

Steve Carell was first noticed in the short lived Dana Carvey Show in the mid-nineties, but it would take him another few years before his career really took off. The U.S. version of The Office may be what he is best known for, but the versatile actor has had a great career in movies as well. With Despicable Me 2 and The Way, Way Back both opening this weekend, we figured it was the perfect time to take a look at some of his best roles.