bluray reviews

Us Is One Of The Year’s Must-Own Blurays

Us is one of those movies that sticks with you. Not so much for the action or the dialogue, but for the story itself. It’s one of those movies that once you finish watching it, you’ll want to go back and watch it again to find out all the things you missed. That being said, it’s a great movie to add to your collection, not just for the replay value, but also for the special features. 


Bumblebee Is A Must-Have on Bluray for Transformers Fans

Transfomers have been around since the 1980s, with a popular cartoon series and toy line launching the franchise, and throughout the years it’s only continued to grow. Last year’s spin-off Bumblebee proved that wasn’t true though, and that with a new director and a new vision, the series showed that it could continue to be successful.


Overlord Shouldn’t Be Overlooked on Bluray

Overlord is one of those movies that hits the theatre and quickly disappears because nobody knows what it is. It wasn’t advertised much, and the trailer didn’t play in front of a lot of films. While it did play during some of the smaller film festivals, and critics generally have given it a favourable review, Overlord still hasn’t gotten the love it has deserved. Hopefully word of mouth spreads though, because it is one of those films that you really don’t want to miss.