Check Out The Top Celebrity Halloween Costumes Here

Halloween is the time of year everyone likes to dress up and pretend they are someone different, celebrities included. While many of us dress up as them, they are dressing up as each other, or their favourite characters. This year, with Halloween falling on a Monday, many of the big Halloween parties were held over the weekend. Here are our favourite celebrity costumes of Halloween 2016.


Top 6 Tim Burton Movies

Tim Burton is by far one of the quirkiest directors in all of Hollywood, and this weekend sees the release of his latest flick Frankenweenie. For those who have followed Burton’s career they will know this movie is a remake of a short film he did back in 1984 that was directly responsible for not only getting him fired from Disney, but also for getting him his first gig directing a big screen picture. In honour of all things Tim burton, we bring you our picks for his top 6 movies.