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Ashton Kutcher Biopic jOBS is a Job Well Done

The long-awaited Steve Jobs biopic (directed by Joshua Michael Stern) does more than just describe the vision of Apple, or simply capture the dream of its legendary co-founder and leader on screen. It manages to explore the life, career, and personal relationships of an innovative, celebrated and highly complicated man (played by Ashton Kutcher), taking audiences into the underground technical world of Silicon Valley in the late 1970s and early ‘80s.


Ashton Kutcher’s Real Name And 5 Other Things You Didn’t Know About Him

With his latest role as tech revolutionary Steve Jobs in the jOBS biopic, Ashton Kutcher has certainly evolved as an actor from his days as Kelso. Here’s a closer look at the 35-year-old star and a few facts about him which we bet will be news to you.