“Arrival” Actor Mark O’Brien Talks Working With Amy Adams And More

As Captain Marks in Denis Villeneuve’s Academy Award-nominated film Arrival, 32-year-old star Mark O’Brien plays a military captain alongside Amy Adams’ leading lady Louise Banks. Real Style sat down with the humble and down-to-earth actor to learn more about working on Arrival, his burning passion for cinema and his upcoming projects.


The Worst Movies Of 2016

Around this time of the year everyone is talking about their favourite movies, books, TV shows and music. If there are favourites, there has to be least favourites right? And the very least favourites have to be considered the worst. Here is our list of the worst movies of the year.


5 Can’t Miss Films Of TIFF 2016

The Toronto International Film Festival is all set to begin this Thursday evening, and with it comes hundreds of films yet to be screened at your local theatre. It can be overwhelming trying to go through the list of films playing, and choosing which ones you want to see. Especially since you might not have heard of a lot of them before. Don’t worry though, we’ve made it easy, and picked our top 5 films you don’t want to miss this during TIFF2016.