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“50 Shades Of Grey” The Most Sexed Up Movie Of The Decade?

It seems like the hype for this movie just won’t stop, which of course means it setting it up to be either a major flop or a classic.


Everything You Should Know About Jamie Dornan Your New Christian Grey

After the quick exit of Sons Of Anarchy actor Charlie Hunnam, Hollywood was again on the hunt for their Christian Grey to star in 50 Shade Of Grey. Little known actor Jamie Dornan has be award the controversial and highly anticipated role. If you don’t watch the show though, you might be scratching your head wondering who he is.


Charlie Hunnam Backs Out Of 50 Shades: We Choose Replacements

Charlie Hunnam is the incredibly talented and gorgeous Sons of Anarchy actor that was set to play the leading role of Christian Grey in the book-to-big screen rendition of 50 Shades of Grey. There has been speculation regarding the recent and much publicized departure, and while sources are hinting at scheduling conflicts, others are pointing fingers. Charlie initially won the role over three TV vampires, and Matt Bomer as listed below. While we don’t know who is the leading contender, we definitely have our favorites!