Taylor Swift’s Latest Album Is 2020’s Best So Far

Taylor Swift is no stranger to making headlines with her music, and her new album “Folklore” is no different. The album has the best first week numbers since her last album “Lover” was released 11 months ago. On top of that, 8 of the top 10 songs belong to her, and 15 of the top 20.  Even with 5 months left to go in the year, it’s looking as if Swift’s album will be the top selling album of the year.

Folklore premiered with 627,400 album sales, with 86,600 individual tracks and 259.4 million streams, which add up to 852,700 album units sold. These numbers are by far the highest of any new album releases this year on the Rolling Stones album chart, and the biggest since Swift’s album 11 months ago. 

To make things even more spectacular, Swift’s numbers come after only having announced the album less than 24 hours before its release. It also had no retail sales outside of downloads and through her own web store. For hard copies of the album, you have to wait to get them until this Friday. 

Swift also manage to have her previous album, Lover, appear on the charts once again. This time at number 12, with 26,300 album units sold. 

The top song off the album so far is Cardigan, which is Number 1, , followed by The 1, Exile and Great American Dynasty at numbers 2 – 4. The entire album was conceived and recorded in quarantine, and has been getting top of the line reviews. Many are calling it her best work of her career. 

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