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The Hunt Is A Satirical Movie That Will Make You Think, Cringe And Laugh

The Hunt is the kind of movie that there really is no good time to release, which good satire always has a problem with. It’s advertised as the most talked about movie of the year, which is misleading because unless you are in the film industry, you probably haven’t heard of it. The Hunt has had the misfortune of being delayed not once, but twice, due to events going on in the world, and now that’s it’s out on home entertainment, that’s probably the place for it. After all, it’s not a film for everyone, and those who want to see it, don’t have to wait for an instant where it’s not going to cause an uproar because it’s out.

The Hunt follows the story of 12 strangers who wake up in a clearing only to find themselves running for their lives from a group of Americans who have decided to hunt people for sport. The hunters quickly pick off their prey, except one of their targets manages to turn the tables on them and start hunting them instead. One by one they are killed by their former prey, until the only survivor is the one who arranged the entire event.

The Hunt isn’t about the acting or the actors, as is apparent by the speed of which some of them are violently killed, but instead the point behind the story. Although they never come out and name names, or political affiliations, it quickly becomes clear that the hunters are the Democrats and have decided to start hunting members of the Republican party. They clearly don’t like the current administration (referring to him more than once in a very derogatory way), and don’t like much of the policies the current government support. The satire of course is the fact that the “Democrats” are the ones committing the violent acts with weapons in order to get the world they want. They don’t pay attention to the small details, and are referred to as the Elite. Throughout the film you will find yourself cringing at some of the violence, but more often than not you will laugh at the absolute ridiculousness of it all.

The Hunt bluray looks amazing on your home theatre system, and really, in most cases you aren’t missing anything by watching it at home instead of in a theatre. There aren’t a lot of special features on the disc either, and those that are showcase the costumes and props, the death scenes, and how the main actresses got ready for their very physical roles. While the costumes and props feature does touch on the political commentary of the film, it actually would have been more interesting to see where the writers and filmmakers came up with the idea in the first place, and what they were hoping audiences would get out of it. This is one of those films that would be been interesting to hear a commentary track on, but in this case there are none. Perhaps their opinions would have been too controversial, and they decided it was better to stay quiet then be condemned for something they said. 

Some movies have very specific audiences built into them, and The Hunt is one of them. It’s for people who like satire and political commentary, while not minding violence to tell a story. In a way it feels like a film that would have been made in the 70s instead of today. That being said, it’s fun for what it is, but don’t go in expecting a masterpiece, and don’t go in thinking you may like it. You either will, or you won’t, there is no middle ground.

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