Bill & Ted Face The Music Might Skip Theaters And Go Straight To Streaming

One of the summer’s most highly anticipated films might not hit the big screen at all. There is a lot of speculation going around at the moment that the third Bill & Ted film might make its premiere on VOD this summer instead of the usual theatrical release. 

It’s been almost 30 years since Bill & Ted last hit the movie screen, and once it was finally announced that a second sequel was going to be made, it quickly became one of the most talked about releases. Due to the world’s current state of affairs though, a lot of the summer’s hottest film releases have been pushed back. Mulan, Wonder Woman, James Bond’s latest, Black Widow and more have all seen releases changed to later on this summer or year. In some cases, such as the latest Fast & Furious film, the films have even been rescheduled for next year. That means the schedule of releases is pretty clogged up now, meaning smaller films, such as Bill & Ted, may fall between the cracks and make much less money that anticipated. On top of all that, it’s not even clear as of yet when theaters may even open, and what sort of capacity they will be allowed to have when they do open. 

Let’s be clear though, at this point no decision has been made on the new film. Like everything else, the Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves film is waiting to see how everything goes. Some films have been seeing great success through VOD though, and a film like Bill & Ted Face The Music may be perfect for the medium. The film technically is still scheduled to open in theaters on August 21st, but that can quickly change. Right now everything is waiting on Warner Bros. to see if they will release Tenet on July 17th like they want to, but in order for that to happen they want at least 80% of theaters worldwide to be opened. It’s not clear if that is possible yet though. Bill & Ted hasn’t even started any sort of promotional blitz either, and no one has seen a trailer, so it’s also entirely possible the film will be pushed off until 2021 instead. 

The world is changing, quickly right now, and the way we watch films, is changing right alongside it. It will be interesting to see how this all turns out.


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