Cats “Wins” 2020 Golden Raspberry Worst Film Award

When Cats was first announced to be made into a theatrical film buzz started picking up that it might be an Oscar contender. After all it was directed by Oscar winner Tom Hooper (The King’s Speech) and had a cast that included Judi Dench, Idris Elba, Jennifer Hudson and even Taylor Swift. That all changed however when the first trailer was released. People thought the CGI cats looked too creepy, and in some cases (such as Taylor Swift) too naked. People started making fun of it so much that the film even went back and redid some of the CGI after the film was released to try and fix the issues. Unfortunately however, the story proved to be too silly for the screen, and it became one of the biggest bombs of the year. And now it’s being “rewarded” for its failure.

Cats dominated the 2020 Golden Raspberry Awards yesterday, picking up a total of six trophies, including Worst Film. The musical also won director Tom Hooper Worst Director, while picking up a Worst Screenplay trophy and Word Supporting Actor and Actress awards for James Corden and Rebel Wilson. Corden and Wilson must have known the awards were comnig too, after all the made fun of themselves during this year’s Oscars broadcast. 

Typically the Golden Raspberry Awards have a live ceremony, which hardly anyone of the nominees show up for. This year however the event was cancelled dur to the growing coronavirus pandemic.

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