Watch Taylor Swift Be The Man

Taylor Swift released her latest music video Thursday morning, and in it fans get to see her in a completely different way. As a man.

The fourth single off of Swift’s album Lover is called The Man, and in it she contemplates what people would think about her life and her career if she was, simply put, a man. This of course led to Swift creating a video where she actually plays a man. Her masculine character is the typical, obnoxious alpha-male, who manspreads while riding the bus, parties on yachts and yells at his co-workers. Swift even manages to get called the World’s Greatest Dad for spending time with his kid. And in case you were wondering, yes, Swift even marries in the video, although it’s not until her character is a much older man, and decides to marry a much younger woman.

Swift directs the video, which is the first time she’s ever done that by herself, and in the video her man character confronts her to ask for notes on his performance. And in case you were wondering, Swift’s man character is voiced by none other that Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson. 

The Man has been playing on radio stations since the last week of January, and now a month later the video is sure to get a fair amount of attention as well. 


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