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Playing With Fire Is A Fun, Family Film

John Cena is arguably one of the best professional wrestlers in history, and like a lot of wrestlers, he had transitioned his career from the ring to film. Unlike a lot of wrestlers though his forte doesn’t seem to be in action films (with Bumblebee being the lone exception so far), but in comedy instead. From Trainwreck to Blockers, he steals scenes and makes us laugh. His latest film is called Playing With Fire, and in it he continues to tickle our funny bone.

Playing With Fire follows the story of a team of smoke-jumpers, first responding forest firefighters who jump from helicopters into dangerous situations. On one mission they rescue three rambunctious children from a cottage fire, and are forced to take care of them for a day due to their parents being stranded by a massive storm hitting the area. As you can imagine, the children are more than the smoke-jumpers can handle.

Cena is at his best while playing the straight-man who doesn’t take himself seriously, and in Playing With Fire he demonstrates this skill incredibly well. Sure, the plot for the film is a little thin, and more than a little silly, but sometimes the best comedies run with their comedians and not the story anyway. Cena also demonstrates an incredible chemistry with the children in the film, which is not surprising considering his huge popularity among them in his wrestling career. His smoke-jumper co-stars Keegan-Michael Key and John Leguizamo are perfect back-up and work well together as well. They help take the pressure off of Cena so that he’s not always the focus. 

Playing With Fire doesn’t have a lot of special features on the Bluray, and what is included doesn’t run very long. The blooper real can be seen during the end credits, and doesn’t need to be watched again, and the other behind the scenes featurettes are very short. The one that could have been longer, and was the most interesting, was the one on the real-life smoke-jumpers, but like the other special features it’s only a couple of minutes in length. 

While Playing For Fire may come off being silly, it’s the type of film families can enjoy together. It’s available now on Digital and Bluray.

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