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Terminator: Dark Fate Now Available On Bluray

At one point Terminator: Dark Fate was set to be one of Fall’s biggest films, and then it became one of the year’s biggest bombs instead. Made for a budget of over $185 million, the film only made just $62 domestically. Worldwide the numbers look a bit better at $261 million, but still the numbers were far from great, or from what was expected. The bigger question is though, was it really that bad, or was the audience just fickle on it for some reason?

Terminator: Dark Fate continues the story of the Terminator franchise where it left off at part 2. Yes, that’s right, it ignores the three sequels that have come after and starts a whole new story line path. You might ask why this is the case, and the answer is simple, James Cameron who departed the franchise after T2 decided to return and continue what he’d started. For this one, a new terminator is sent to the past to kill humanities future savior, and an augmented human is sent back to protect her. Along the way they run into some familiar faces, including the hero of the first two films Sarah Connor (played once again by a returning Linda Hamilton) and a revitalized T-800 who has decided to call himself Carl (Arnold Schwarzenegger). When it comes to the plot, other than this, there really isn’t much else to say.

The problems Terminator: Dark Fate runs into are many. The plot of the series has always been convoluted in the first place, and the longer the franchise runs on, the more-so it becomes. There are parts of the movie that make you shake you head and question what the writers were thinking. For instance, the explanation as to how Arnold’s T-800 can possibly be around is extremely laughable. The other big problem with the writing is the paradox the plot creates. Each film has made that paradox bigger and bigger, and now it’s at the point that even someone who doesn’t know what a paradox is, is questioning the logic behind how the story could even happen in the first place. The acting in the film isn’t anything to write home about either as most of the characters were rather cookie-cutter action movie characters. Sure, it was nice seeing Linda Hamilton return to her iconic role, but her character was so over the top that you ended up rolling your eyes every time she spoke. The only thing this film has going for it is the action and the special effects. The movie starts off with a bang, and never really slows down. In fact the movie starts off so good, that for the first 30 minutes you find yourself wondering why the film wasn’t a hit. Unfortunately that’s when the characters start talking and everything goes downhill from there. 

On Bluray, Terminator: Dark Fate looks amazing. Great picture and great sound go a long way towards making the film at least watchable. The deleted scenes aren’t really needed, but some of the special features are fun to watch. It was especially interesting watching the special effects feature to see all the work that went into the making of the film. 

Terminator: Dark Fate is by far the very definition of a popcorn flick;  all flash and no substance. While it might have been something you skipped at the theater, at least at home you can do a couple of things in-between watching the action unfold on the screen. 

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