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Gemini Man Is A Treat On Bluray

Fall 2019 saw a lot of films bomb at the box office, and unfortunately Gemini Man was one of them. The film was the latest in a series of theatrical bombs for star Will Smith, but the action flick might just see a new life on Bluray.

Gemini Man follows the story of a retiring hitman named Henry Brogan (Will Smith), who suddenly finds himself on the wrong side of the barrel. The hitman sent after him though isn’t your normal, run-of-the-mill assassin, it’s a clone of Brogan who is younger and faster than himself. In order to get to the bottom of things and find how he came to be cloned, Brogan must out-think his opponent, and survive long enough to confront those responsible for the deed.

Gemini Man has a decent premise and is fun to watch, as long as you don’t over think things. There are a lot of plot holes that don’t make a lot of sense, including why Brogan had an assassin sent after him in the first place. That being said, Will Smith has a great screen presence, and works well with what the script gives him. At times the screenwriter doesn’t seem to know what direction they want to go in, as things seem to change on the fly. For instance, Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s character flip-flops back and forth from a kick-ass agent, to a damsel in distress and back again, which gets confusing. For the record, they should have kept her as the kick ass agent because she was definitely fun to watch when she was taking people down. The special effects on de-aging Will Smith doesn’t look overly realistic either, and they might have benefited from using deep fake technology instead of the CGI they used. The CGI effects during the fight scenes were distracting at times as well, and the director would have been better off using stunt men to actually fight instead of having a computer animate the action. Again, these flaws in the film don’t have to take away from it, if you shut your mind off and just enjoy it for what it is.

The Bluray of Gemini Man is extremely clear and crisp when it comes to both sound and picture. You can tell it was filmed in 4K at a high frame rate, and it looks amazing on home systems. The special features on the disc are plentiful as well, with over an hour of extra footage. From deleted scenes, to an alternate ending and 6 featurettes, you will have plenty of things to watch after the film is done. It’s particularly interesting watching the featurette on how they de-aged Will Smith, and watching him play both roles. 

While Gemini Man may not be the best movie ever made, it’s a fun movie to watch and a great way to spend a couple of hours. The Bluray is available now everywhere.

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