Beverly Hills Cop 4 Is Happening

It’s been 25 years since Eddie Murphy last played detective Axel Foley, yet he’ll be lacing up his running shoes once more for the role thanks to Netflix. 

Murphy has been turning heads lately for is role in the comedic biopic Dolemite is My Name, so much so that the actor has been talked about as a possible Oscar contender for next year. The film, which premiered back in September at TIFF, was also made for Netflix. It was the first film for Murhpy in three years, and only the second in seven. Murphy recently wrapped filming on Coming 2 America, a sequel to his hit 1988 film Coming to America. 

Murphy had already confirmed back in October that Beverly Hills Cop 4 was going to be his next film, but no other information had been given at that time. The original Beverly Hills Cop film came out in 1984, and helped launch Murphy’s big screen career. In it he played a Detroit cop who found himself investigating a murder that led him to Beverly Hills. After that film was a huge hit, a sequel was released in 1987, which in itself produced large numbers. 1994’s Beverly Hills Cop 3 was a flop though, and effectively put a stop to any more films in the franchise. 

Paramount Pictures released the first three films in the franchise, but are out of the picture for the fourth one. They had worked on a TV series by the same name back in 2013, that focused on Axel Foley’s son and was to have guest appearances by Murphy, but it never got picked up and was shelved soon after wrapping.

Judge Reinhold is said to possibly by returning to the franchise as Billy Rosewood, but no other characters are even rumored to be returning. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer will be back though as well in the same capacity.

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