Jonah Hill In Talks To Play The Riddler In The Batman

It’s been a few months since it was announced that Robert Pattinson had signed on to replace Ben Affleck as Batman, and now it appears as if Jonah Hill may be joining him as his primary antagonist in the film, the Riddler. 

Ever since Matt Reeves took over The Batman project from Ben Affleck a lot of rumours have been swirling around. First it was who would be playing the Dark Knight in the project, and after that was resolved buzz started appearing around who would be starring as the villain. Or even who the main villain would be. At first it seemed like the Penguin would be antagonist, and 21 Jump Street star Jonah Hill’s name started floating around for the part. Now it appears however that Hill’s involvement was accurate, but his character wasn’t. It’s looking more and more like he will be playing the role of the Riddler instead.

The Riddler first appeared in Batman comic books back in 1948. He’s a criminal mastermind who uses riddles and puzzles to frustrate his enemies. In the 1960’s Batman TV series the role was played by Frank Gorshin, and in the 1995 film Batman Forever he was played by Jim Carrey. 

At the moment none of this has been confirmed by the studio, or by Hill or Reeves, but it certainly sounds plausible. Reeves has said that the film, which he wrote, is a personal story about one of the Dark Knight’s early adventures, but definitely not an origin story, and with a villain like The Riddler involved it could mean the film will be more of a mystery style of movie that an over the top action flick. 

The Batman will be released on June 25, 2021.

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