Rocketman Now Available On Bluray

After being one of the box office hits this spring, Rocketman is now available on Bluray, and if you didn’t catch it at the theater, you should probably pick up a copy and check it out as soon as possible.

Rocketman tells a version of Elton John’s biography. By version we mean a “not entirely truthful” story about the man whose music has been hitting the airwaves since 1969. While the events portrayed in the film are generally true, a lot of them are told in a way that blurs the line between reality and fantasy. For instance, at one point in the film John attempts to kill himself in front of all his friends by overdosing on drugs and alcohol, while jumping into a pool to drown himself. As he sinks to the bottom of the pool he starts to sing Rocketman. John has stated that the events actually happened, but he didn’t sing on his way down, nor did he see a younger version of himself playing a piano at the bottom of the pool. That part was pure fantasy. There are several other instances of these kinds of things, but it’s expected, after all the film is a musical, and musicals tend to play up the fantasy aspect of the story. There are also a few other “not so true” aspects to the film as well, including how John came up with his famous name, but you will need to read up on his life yourself to find out what they are.

It’s only a matter of time before Taron Egerton finds himself nominated for an Oscar or a Golden Globe. Throughout the film, in which he does his own singing, Egerton embodies John so well that you feel as if you are looking at the lavish singer through a looking glass that can see backwards through time.  He could even find himself following in Rami Malek’s footsteps and claim the Oscar next year, but that’s still a ways off and there are plenty of films to go this year. As for the Bluray, the sound and picture quality are simply amazing. Of course with the film relying on both to tell the story, if they weren’t that good you might have a harder time getting into the film. The special features on the disc are a mixed bag. The deleted and extended scenes are really nothing special, and while the short featurettes (on things like assembling the cast and even a music video) are interesting, you will probably only ever watch them once. Where the special features shine though are the musical numbers bonus features. The extended musical numbers feature a few different scenes from the film, extended. If you watched the film and wanted these scenes to go on a little longer, this section is for you. And second area that is a lot of fun, are the sing along special features. This section is exactly like you’d expect it to be, the song, the movie, and lyrics up on the screen so you can join in the fun. It’s a neat little feature that you can watch by yourself, or with some friends, and have just as much enjoyment. 

Rocketman is an entertaining film, which will fit nicely into any home movie collection. While you might have to watch it with a questioning eye when it comes to accuracy, it’s still fun to watch regardless. 

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