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Pet Sematary Remake A Must-Own For Stephen King Fans

Pet Sematary was first released in 1983, and instantly became a huge hit for author Stephen King. Of course that wasn’t a huge surprise, considering at that time everything the best selling author wrote became a huge hit. Most of his novels eventually were turned into movies back then as well, and in 1989 the theatrical adaptation followed. The movie grossed over $57 million at the box office, which at the time was considered a pretty decent take. 30 years later the film has gotten a remake, and it did just about as well as the original.

Pet Sematary follows the story of a doctor who relocates with his family to a small Maine community after a scandal threatens his career. His new home is located just off a busy highway, and near an ancient burial grounds that has a secret; anything buried in it returns from the dead. After tragedy strikes the family the doctor quickly discovers a horrifying truth, those that return from the dead don’t return the same. 

The basic story of Pet Sematary stays the same throughout the various incarnations, but this new version does change things up a fair bit. Without giving anything away, just be aware if you have seen the previous film or read the novel, this version twists away from them about half way through. The film looks and sounds just as good as it does at the theatre, so if you missed it during its theatrical run you’ll get the same feel. The real highlights of the Bluray though are the special features. There are deleted and extended scenes, an alternate ending you will want to watch, and several special behind the scenes featurettes. The featurettes help give an insight in the writers, directors and actors states of mind while making the film, and are fascinating to watch.

While Pet Sematary is not as terrifying as some of Stephen King’s other works, it’s still a fun film and well worth watching. Horror movie fans will want to add it to their collection as well. It’s a throwback horror film that relies on the story to scare you more than jumps and gore.

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