Bryan Cranston And Aaron Paul Add Fuel To Breaking Bad Reunion Buzz

Yesterday Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul took to Twitter at the same moment and sent out the same message. That message? A photo of a pair of donkeys and the word “Soon.” What that means exactly is unknown, but the internet went crazy because of it.

Here’s what is known, a Breaking Bad sequel film is coming. When it’s coming, or what it’s about, or even who’s in it is completely unknown however. After the Tweets appeared online people started wondering if perhaps the film is almost done, and will be released soon. Breaking Bad writer and it’s prequel series Better Call Saul showrunner Peter Gould reacted to the posts with one of his own that simply said “Looking forward to this”, which added even more fuel to the rumors. 

Breaking Bad ended in 2013 after a very successful 5 years on AMC, and in the end Cranston’s Walter White character had been apparently killed, and Aaron Paul’s Jesse Pinkman was seen driving off to an unknown destination. Speculation is the sequel would follow Pinkman to wherever he was headed, and continue his story, but now it’s looking like White may have somehow survived the ordeal as well. Series creator Vince Gilligan however has said nothing, and no details have emerged about it, but the film is believed to have already been shot in Albuquerque, New Mexico from last November to February.  While Paul has stated that he would love to do a film, he has not confirmed if he already has made one. 

Paul and Cranston may just be toying with fans, and their post may not mean anything. But even if they are, it’s still fun to figure out what they are talking about. 

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