Would You Watch Movies In A Ghostbusters Shared Cinematic Universe?

In 1984 Ghostbusters was a huge hit, and in the process it created an animated series, several rip-offs and plenty of toys. By the time the sequel came out in 1989 though, the buzz had died down, and the film didn’t do as good as the first one. Sure, there had been plenty of talk about another sequel, but the actors either were too busy to all get together, a script couldn’t be finalized or the studio wouldn’t bite. Then in 2016 the franchise was taken in a different direction, with an all female cast, fighting an all new supernatural threat. The film bombed however, not even coming close to making back its budget. It seemed like the Ghostbusters were officially dead. Or were they?

Last year Jason Reitman gave fans something they weren’t expecting. A short teaser trailer that announced he was stepping into his dad’s footsteps and directing a sequel that would star the original cast (minus Harold Ramis who passed away in 2014). The film is set for a 2020 release, and has fans buzzing. If that film is a success, the franchise may just expand.

If original Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman and the original co-writer, co-producer and star Dan Aykroyd have their way, and a whole new bunch of Ghostbusters related projects will be made after the new film next year. They’ve had several ideas over the years, but none of them have taken off the ground for several different reasons. Of course the biggest being that studios are unsure if there is any real interest in the franchise at all. Aykroyd has announced however that he has a specific film in mind if the 2020 film is a hit. He wants to go back to the teenage years of the original Ghostbusters, Peter Venkman, Egon Spengler and Ray Stantz. Aykroyd has stated he wants Jason Reitman to take on the project after the new film. The film dubbed, Ghostbusters High, will look at how the trio met, and their first adventures together.

If the new film is a hit, there are all sorts of possibilities, including even finding a way to tie the 2016 film into the same world somehow. This could also lead to a cinematic universe, much like the Marvel series of films. In recent years however, those types of films don’t seem to work very well. Only Marvel has had success with them. Only time will tell if the world is ready for a Ghostbusters world as well. 

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