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Long Shot May Be The Comedy Hit Of The Summer

When we first heard of Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron’s new film Long Shot last summer, then known as Flarsky, we were intrigued. After all the pair didn’t seem like the ideal onscreen couple. But at that point the film had been receiving some pretty good feedback at early test screenings, and Lionsgate decided to push the film from a February launch date to one closer to the summer in hopes of cashing in on what could be a popular film. It finally hits theatres this Friday, and we’ve got to say, it’s a smart, fun film, and Rogen and Theron have some serious chemistry together. 

The film follows the story of Fred Flarsky (Rogen), a hard hitting journalist with some strong convictions and opinions when it comes to politics and big corporations running the show. When his small news outlet is bought out however, he finds himself with the difficult decision of censoring himself, or hitting the unemployment line. Not wanting to compromise his ethics, he chooses the latter, but as fate would have it he isn’t without a job for long. During a charity event he attends with a friend, Flarsky bumps into Secretary of State Charlotte Field (Theron), a childhood crush he’d long lost track of of. She’s decided to make a run for the White House, and needs a writer for her staff, and takes a chance on Flarsky. As they get to know one another once more, Flarsky and Field start a secret romance, one that may be destined not to survive the rigours of a difficult election campaign. 

When you go into a Seth Rogen movie you expect a couple of things. Some slapstick, some drug use, some strong opinions and swearing. Well, Long Shot has all of those. Rogen has also made a career of playing the ultimate underdog, and when he’s at his best he shines far brighter than anyone else in the movie. Charlize Theron on the other hand usually is the brightest star in her movies, because she always gives it her all, no matter the role. Her looks and ability put her near or at the top of A-List Hollywood. What this means in this case is that Rogen and Theron play so perfectly off of one another that the chemistry is almost blinding. The film is funny, witty and above all touching in a way you wouldn’t expect. While Rogen has had some great films since Knocked Up, Long Shot is clearly the best film he’s done since then. Not to be outdone, Theron continues to prove that she’s able to take on any role, dramatic, action or comedy, and that she deserves her A-List status.

Long Shot is a great date-night film, or even a film you’d go to with your friends. It deserves the R-Rating though, and is definitely not something you should be watching with your kids around. It’s the comedy of the year so far, and it raises the bar so high that it may just keep the title. 

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