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Bumblebee Is A Must-Have on Bluray for Transformers Fans

Transfomers have been around since the 1980s, with a popular cartoon series and toy line launching the franchise, and throughout the years it’s only continued to grow. The one thing it didn’t have though was a movie franchise, that is until 2007 when the first film hit theatres and became a huge success. As each sequel came and went however, the films started looking tired, with plot-lines that didn’t make any sense, and action for the sake of action. It really looked like a kid wrote the script after playing with the toys for a day. After 2017’s fiasco The Last Knight, the series appeared to be dead in the water. Last year’s spin-off Bumblebee proved that wasn’t true though, and that with a new director and a new vision, the series showed that it could continue to be successful.

Bumblebee follows the story of the mute Autobot by the same name, who is sent to Earth as a scout to determine if his kind could hide out on the planet and save his species from annihilation at the hands of the evil Decepticons. Unfortunately he’s discovered early on, and even though he manages to defeat his enemy, he’s left with amnesia and unable to speak. Lucky for him he’s found by Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld) who helps repair him, and attempts to keep him safe from not only the Decepticons hunting him, but the human military who think he’s a threat to the planet. 

Even though it didn’t make as much money as the previous films, Bumblebee might just be the best Transformers movie of them all. While the other films were all about explosions and high-octane action, Bumblebee has heart. Not to mention a pretty decent story. While it’s unclear how it fits into the timeline of the films (it actually contradicts several things), it can be watched as a stand-alone movie. Sure there is still action, as one would expect from such a film, but it’s fun to watch as well, and not as nauseating as some of the Transfomers films.

On Bluray, Bumblebee looks just as clear as it did at the theatre. You will have to watch your audio settings at times though, as the film tends to get rather loud, and other members of your household may complain that it sounds like a war is going on in the house. There are over an hour of special features too, including a motion comic book, several deleted and extended scenes, outtakes, and some behind the scenes footage. To be honest a lot of the special features are rather lame (including what they call archive footage of Sector 7, which is just star John Cena staying in character and yammering about the secret department.) The deleted and extended scenes aren’t completed in most cases either, so the CGI animation looks less polished than the movie, and after watching them you can tell why they were cut. In one case the appliances in the house come to life as evil robots and attack everyone, and the scene really just comes off as being overly silly. The best of the features is a short one looking at the history of Bumblebee, from the cartoon series to the films. 

Kids and adults alike will have fun watching this film. While it may not be for everyone, it’s still the kind of film they won’t dread sitting through. At the worst it’s a pop-corn film that will keep you entertained for a couple of hours. At it’s best you will find yourself smiling and enjoying the ride. 

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