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Overlord Shouldn’t Be Overlooked on Bluray

Overlord is one of those movies that hits the theatre and quickly disappears because nobody knows what it is. It wasn’t advertised much, and the trailer didn’t play in front of a lot of films. While it did play during some of the smaller film festivals, and critics generally have given it a favourable review, Overlord still hasn’t gotten the love it has deserved. Hopefully word of mouth spreads though, because it is one of those films that you really don’t want to miss.

Describing Overlord is kind of hard to do, which is probably why there wasn’t much said about it beforehand. On the surface it appears to be a World War 2 film about a group of soldiers parachuting in behind enemy lines so they can disable a communications tower and allow troops to advance during D-Day. Things take a turn though, when it is discovered that the Nazis are doing experiments on the residents of a small French town, and on the dead. They are attempting to create a super soldier that will help them to win the war. The heroes then have a decision to make, do they continue with their mission, or do they stop the Nazis evil plans without approval from their leaders.

Overlord is a mix of genres. War, horror and action are all represented, and it works. The fast-paced story flows quickly, and keeps you guessing as to where things are going from start to finish. What is truly fun to watch as well, are the stereotypical war movie characters  (the jerk, the pacifistic, the hard-nosed leader, etc) taken out of their elements and transposed into a horror movie. The Bluray transfer looks gorgeous on home televisions, and the sounds come out clear and crisp on home theatre systems. This is one of those films where watching the behind the scenes featurettes is interesting as well, because you get to catch a glimpse of where everything came from and how the film was created.

If you haven’t seen Overlord, and are a fan of not only war films bu horror films as well, you should pick up a copy today. If you have seen it, it’s probably already on your list. 

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