Brad Pitt’s World War Z Sequel Shutdown Again

Brad Pitt’s 2013 action/horror/zombie flick World War Z was the actor’s biggest ever hit (if you discount his sort-of cameo in Deadpool 2), grossing over 540 million dollars worldwide, so it was no surprise that he wanted to make a sequel to it. Unfortunately the film has hit several roadblocks along the way, and the latest one has shut down pre-production once again.

According to Variety, the World War Z sequel was set to begin filming this summer, but has now been shut down due to the fact that a budget could not be reached for the film.  The Paramount film was set to see Pitt return to the role of Gerry Lane, a former United Nations employee who is trying to find out how the zombie epidemic began and how it can be stopped.  Oscar nominated director David Fincher was set to direct the sequel. Fincher of course had previously worked with Pitt on Se7en, Fight Club and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Other cast members hadn’t signed on as of yet, but the studio was in the process of doing so when production was shut down.

Paramount has yet to comment on the move, but it’s rumoured that they were becoming uncomfortable with how the budget was ballooning. It was similar to the first film, which ended up seeing a last minute rewrite to the third act to contain the expanding budget. Obviously Paramount wants to avoid a similar situation this time around. There is also no word as to whether or not the film will move forward at this point, or if it will be shelved permanently. 

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