2019 Academy Award Predictions

The 2019 Academy Awards are upon us, and like each year, there is a lot of speculation as to who will win the big awards during the evening. While we really won’t know until Sunday who will take home an Oscar, it’s fun to make predictions. Here’s who we think will win this year.

Best Picture / Best Director: This is going to be one of those years that the best picture winner doesn’t match up with the best director. The reason for this is simple, the director of Green Book, who we think will win, wasn’t nominated. Green Book has had a lot of buzz ever since TIFF, and it really hasn’t died down. While films such as The Favourite and Roma got hot around the time of the Golden Globes, Green Book has stayed consistent throughout the entire awards season. Black Panther, A Star Is Born and Bohemian Rhapsody are the popular favourites, with the biggest box office clout behind them, but let’s face it, those kinds of films hardly ever win the top Oscar. The final two best picture nominees are BlacKkKlansman and Vice, both of which are good, but will be overlooked on this night. Best director will go to Alfonso Cuarón for Roma. If this does indeed come to pass the way we predict, this will be Cuarón’s second directing trophy for a movie that didn’t win best picture.

Best Actress / Best Supporting Actress: While Lady Gaga is all glitz and spectacle, and gets most of the press attention, it will be Glenn Close who takes home her first Oscar on her seventh nomination. Olivia Coleman is a dark horse here and could surprise everyone, but it’s not very likely. The other two nominees, Yalitza Aparicio and Melissa McCarthy, are in the glad to have been nominated category. For supporting actress, rightfully it should go to either Emma Stone or Rachel Weisz, but sicne they are in the same film, voters will probably select one of the other nominees instead. It’s be nice if Amy Adams finally took home a statue, but unfortunately we think it will be Regina King’s year. She really stood out in If Beale Street Could Talk, and really isn’t that who usually wins these things? Marina de Tavira was also nominated.

Best Actor / Best Supporting Actor: The hardest category to call this year is Best Actor. Bradley Cooper is the fan favourite, Rami Malek has already shocked and Christian Bale transformed himself so well once again that no one knew they were watching Christian Bale. Even Viggo Mortensen could pull off an upset here. The only actor we can eliminate right away is Willem Dafoe, and even he is worthy of being here. Even if we don’t ignore the controversies surrounding Viggo and Christian, we still think it’s a pretty even playing field. We’re going with Christian Bale for the win this year, and really it’s only by drawing a name out of a hat. Best supporting actor is a little easier to chose, but only by a hair. Sam Elliot has had a long career and could take it, but we think Mahershala Ali will win his second statue. Adam Driver, Sam Rockwell and Richard E. Grant all deserve their nominations, but really this is a two horse race to the finish.

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