NYPD Blue Sequel Brings Back Some Familiar Faces

NYPD Blue ran for 12 seasons between 1993 and 2005 on ABC. While bringing back old, popular series as either reboots or revivals is starting to become old hat, sequels to popular series isn’t so prevalent as of yet. That may change though if ABC’s sequel to NYPD Blue finds itself perched atop the ratings, and in order to make an attempt to do so, they are bringing back some familiar faces.

The series sequel is set to follow the story of Andy Sipowicz’s (Dennis Franz) son Theo. If you recall Sipowicz was the main character throughout all 12 seasons of the series. For the sequel, Sipowicz is murdered, and his son investigates it as he tries to become a detective in the 15th squad. Joining him will be original series star Kim Delaney, who played Det. Diane Russell starting in season 2 up to season 8. Also joining the series is Bill Brochtrup, who played administrative assistant John Irvin starting in Season 2. It was previously announced that Alona Tal is set to be the star of the series, playing Detective Nicole Lazarus. 

The NYPD sequel is written by the original series writers Matt Olmstead and Nick Wootton, while the son of NYPD Blue co-creator Steven Bochco, Jesse Bochco, will direct and executive produce.

NYPD Blue saw several cast members come and go throughout the years, and it will be curious to see if any of them return for the sequel, even in a guest role capacity. Along with Franz and Delaney, David Caruso, James McDaniel, Amy Brenneman, Nicholas Turturro, Gordon Clapp, Jimmy Smits and Henry Simmons also starred in the show at some point. 

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