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Mission: Impossible Fallout Is A Film To Add To Your Bluray Collection

Mission: Impossible Fallout was one of the biggest films of the summer, and proved that once again Tom Cruises’ insane ability to perform his own stunts is a box office draw. The sixth film in the franchise is also the series’ first sequel, in that the villain from the previous flick returned to cause even more chaos. The shocking thing about the series is that it doesn’t appear to be losing any steam either, and that the films will more than likely continue beyond this one. For collectors of blurays, the series is also a fantastic pick-up.

Not only have all the films in the Mission: Impossible series looked and sounded great at home, but they have all been packed with special features you don’t want to miss. Fallout is no different. Several behind the scenes bonus features, including ones spotlighting returning characters, fighting on the cliffside, and ideas behind the story, are present, along with other features. Of course watching the deleted scenes in a must, as they help expand on the story, but there are also several commentaries that are fun to listen to as well. And for those who want to watch the film, but avoid any dialogue, you can also watch it with just an isolated score. 

All in all, Mission: Impossible Fallout is what you’d expect from the franchise. Lots of action, stunts that will blow you away, and a twisting and turning story that will keep you on the edge of your seat. 

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