Kelly Clarkson Honours Reba McEntire With Rendition Of ‘Fancy’ At The Kennedy Center Honors

The Kennedy Center Honors took place back at the start of December, but shortly afterwards it was revealed that Kelly Clarkson paid an emotional tribute to her mother-in-law Reba McEntire during the event. We’ve had to wait ever since then to see her entire renditions of McEntire’s song ‘Fancy’, and although we’d seen clips before, the whole performance was much much better, and well worth the wait. 

McEntire is not only Clarkson’s mother-in-law, but also her hero. Before she started singing, Clarkson said  “Sometimes when we meet our heroes, it doesn’t always pan out, you know, how you hope. But meeting Reba, being friends with her, and eventually becoming family has been one of the highlights of my life.”

Clarkson went on to thank McEntire for everything she’s done for her, and started becoming emotional on stage. She said “Thank you so much for comforting me on the phone through my tears, like a friend. And thank you for being a really rad grandma for my kids.”

Those in attendance got into the song, and after the show aired fans across the world on Twitter praised it. Once the song was completed Clarkson stated “I hope I did it justice,” and you could tell that McEntire thought she had when she stood up, clapped, and gave a thumbs up.

You can watch a clip of the performance below, or the entire program at CBS All Access.


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