Elementary Will End With Season 7

The modern-day Sherlock Holmes series starring Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu hasn’t even been given a premiere date for season 7, yet it’s now being said that the seventh season will be its last.

The hit CBS series  premiered in 2012, and has done rather well for itself. The show has seen its ratings drop over the last couple of seasons though, which prompted CBS to lower the number of episodes to 13 for the sixth season. The order was extended though to 21, and it ran throughout the summer and into September. Part of the show’s problem was the fact that it was constantly moved around between different time slots. Originally the show aired on Thursday nights, but for the fourth season it shifted between Thursday and Sunday. Season 5 saw the show stay on Sundays, but season 6 had it move to Monday evening. For season 6 the show wasn’t even on the fall schedule, and fans had to wait for the summer to watch it.  Season 7 has apparently all ready been filmed too, but again, there is no word as to when it will air.

Elementary sees Miller play Sherlock Holmes, with Lui playing Joan Watson. Each week saw a different crime for the duo to investigate. The decision that season 7 would end the series was apparently decided way back in May, when the show was renewed. There’s no word how the final episode will play out either.

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