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Star Trek: Discovery Looks Gorgeous On Bluray

By the time Star Trek: Discovery premiered on CBS All Access earlier this year it had been delayed so many times that fans started to wonder if the series was going to be any good. Then after the first couple of episodes came out, people started commenting that it was all right, but nothing special. Then as the first season came to a close, people had gotten into it, and had started asking when the next season would be arriving. Well, before the second season begins, Paramount has released the first season on bluray, and it’s a set collectors won’t want to miss.

All fifteen episodes of season one of Star Trek: Discovery are presented in High-Definition, and it looks extremely sharp and vivid. The sound is crisp and clear, and like all Star Trek shows on bluray, the sound is phenomenal (especially with a decent surround sound system). Even if you watched the show when it aired, you’ll want to take a look at this set as well, because there are several special features you won’t want to miss. The extended and deleted scenes may not do a lot for the over all stories, but they are always fun to watch. And on the discs there are ten featurettes, including ones on the casting, the music, the alien makeup, special effects, props and set design, the strong female leads, costume design, and of course one looking back at the first season. 

Star Trek: Discovery proved with the first season that they have a lot to offer, and to help get you ready for the second season that premieres in January, you may want to pick up this beautiful set.


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