Mariah Carey Announces New Album

Mariah Carey took to Twitter yesterday to make a huge announcement; she has a new album on the way, and it will be released on November 16th.

Carey’s album called Caution, will be the diva’s 15th studio album, and first since 2014. The announcement didn’t come as a huge surprise, after all the singer has released two new singles in the past few weeks, and has hinted in interviews that a new album had been completed. The first single was called With You, and the second GTFO.

In the Twitter post Carey shared a video with her son Morocco, otherwise known as Rocky. As the pair walked down a red-carpeted staircase Carey stated the new album’s name and release date. 

This will be Carey’s first album after signing an exclusive partnership in 2017 with her imprint Butterfly MC Records and Epic. It follows her Las Vegas residency at Caesar’s Palace which ended on September 10. At the moment there are no plans for a tour however, and the superstar will be returning to Vegas in February of next year. 

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