Fan Expo 2018 Brings Pop Culture Back To Toronto

Year in and year out, Fan Expo Canada is one of the biggest pop culture events in all of North America. Outside of Comic-con in San Diego, it just might be the second biggest event of its kind. This weekend the festival returns, and with it brings some of the biggest celebrity, comic book, video game and anime names with it.

This year’s event is headlined by a Back to the Future reunion (including Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson), a Xena: Warrior Princess reunion (both Lucy Lawless and Renee O’Connor will be appearing), Aquaman’s Jason M0moa, Canadian Evangeline Lilly (Antman & The Wasp), Jennifer Morrison (Once Upon A Time), the legendary Captain Kirk himself William Shatner, Karen Gillan (Dr. Who, Guardians of the Galaxy), and the cast of Star Trek: Discovery. These are just the tip of the iceberg though, as many more celebrities are scheduled to appear throughout the weekend. Fans will get to meet their idols, collect autographs and take lots of selfies. That’s not all though.

Besides being able to attend lectures, seminars, interviews and watch premieres of new shows, fans will also get to check out other interesting events. In a tie in to the upcoming horror film The Nun, fans will get to walk into a room and have a photo taken with the scary nun who suddenly appears behind them. They can visit a village inspired by the popular Dragonball Z series, and have their photos taken with statues of the anime characters. They can try their hand at cracking one of two Harry Potter themed escape rooms, or one inspired by Dr. Who. Retro video game fans can try some old school pinball games and arcade classics. There is even a room where you can meet with board game enthusiasts and play games until your heart is content.  Comic book fans will be able to speak with their artist and writer idols and collect autographs. From classic creators Arthur Adams and John Byrne to more contemporary names such as Jeff Lemire and Tom King. And of course on top of all of that, there are plenty of retailers selling toys, comic books, and other collectibles, both rare and common, to add to your collections.

One of the biggest aspects of FanExpo, that seems to grow every year, is cosplaying. Fans dress up as their favourite heroes and villains (and in some cases objects), and for a day, or even the entire weekend, they get to leave their lives behind and be somebody else. Some people put a lot of effort into preparing their costumes, and it shows. We interviewed professional cosplayer Karli Woods about her experiences with it as well. She is once again attending FanExpo this year. Groups of cosplayers can be seen roaming the floors, impersonating characters from anything from Star Wars, to Comic Books and horror movies.

FanExpo runs from August 30 – September 2nd at the Metro Toronto Convention Center. 

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