Sheryl Crow To Release Her Last Album In 2019

Sheryl Crow first turned heads in 1993 when she released her first album, Tuesday Night Music Club, which won her three Grammy Awards including Best New Artist and Record of the Year. Since then she’s released 9 more albums, and won several more awards. On Friday though Crow made the announcement that next year’s new album will be her last.

Crow appears on the Consequence of Sound’s Kyle Meredith With… podcast on Friday, and during it she stated that in 2019 she will release a new, and final album. Thankfully however, that doesn’t mean she’s done making music. 

“Albums as an art form are kind of a little bit of a dying art form. People are more interested in singles,” Crow said during the show. “So I made the decision in my head that the record that comes out next year will be my last full album. I’ll start putting songs out, and that feels good to me.”

Crow also revealed that while her album is yet to be titled, it will feature collaborations with Stevie Nicks, Keith Richards, Don Henley, and St. Vincent. “It feels great not to spend time in the studio to make a fully realized conceptual album, but just to put out really pertinent songs that feel immediate,” Crow also said during the show. 

While it is disappointing that Crow won’t be releasing any further albums after the next one, at least it won’t be the last new music we hear from her.

Photo: Mingle Media TV on Wikipedia

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