DC Comics Birds Of Prey Film Characters Revealed

We’ve long known that Margot Robbie was spearheading a new movie starring her character from Suicide Squad based on the popular Birds of Prey comic book, but until now there had only been speculation on which characters would be joining Harley Quinn. Now however things have been made a little clearer.

TheWrap learned yesterday that the Birds of Prey team would consist of Black Canary, Huntress, Cassandra Cain, Renee Montoya and of course Harley Quinn. The comic book series has seen a revolving door of female superheroes, so it wasn’t clear until now which would be used. TheWrap also revealed that the villain of the movie would be one from the Batman comic books, who has never appeared on the big screen before. 

While some of the characters are more well known that others, all of them will play out well on screen. Black Canary has appeared in several DC properties, including the TV series Arrow, so she should be the most recognizable. She’s a hand to hand combatant with a lethal scream super power. The Huntress is a vigilante who uses a crossbow as her weapon of choice. In the comics her origin has changed several times, so it will be interesting to see which they go with. Cassandra Cain has gone under several superhero names in the past, including Batgirl and Orphan. She’s a mute Asian character who has very limited social skills, yet is a very talented martial artist in her own right. As for Renee Montoya, she’s a Gotham City detective who at one time became the hero known as the Question. Whether she takes on that particular moniker is yet to be known. She is also known as being one of the few openly lesbian characters in comics.  

Margot Robbie is producing the film, with Cathy Yan set to direct. Christina Hodson wrote the screenplay, and is also currently writing a solo Batgirl script as well. Production isn’t set to begin until later this year, or early next, and there has been no official release date given. 

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