See The First Photos From Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman, starring Gal Gadot, was one of the biggest hits of 2017, and ever since its release fans have been clamouring for more information on it’s upcoming sequel.

In recent weeks we’ve discovered that the film will take place in 1984 (in fact the running title is Wonder Woman 1984), that Kristwn Wiig would be playing the primary villain Cheetah, and that Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor would somehow be coming back from the dead. Still, even with all that information fans have been wanting more. While some of the photos below have been released a couple of weeks ago,  it took director Patty Jenkins a bit of time to show the first image of Kristen Wiig in character.

While fans may still have to wait awhile to see Wiig in full costume (or body paint, or CGI, whatever they decide to use), Jenkins took to Twitter yesterday to show Wiig in Cheetah’s civilian persona of Barbara Minerva. All we can tell is that she appears to be in a natural history museum, and looking around. In the comic Minerva is an archaeologist who becomes obsessed with Wonder Woman and tries to obtain some of her weapons, such as her lasso of truth. She also is cursed with the powers of turning into a humanoid cheetah. 

The other released photos show Chris Pine in character, as well as Wonder Woman looking over a bunch of TV’s showing all sorts of 1980s pop culture. Wonder Woman 1984 will be released Nov. 1, 2019.


Photos: Patty Jenkins Twitter

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