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Westworld Returns This Sunday, Here’s What You Need To Remember About Season One

This Sunday HBO’s hit sci-fi series Westworld returns, and after the shocking events from the season one finale it feels like it’s been an eternity since we saw new episodes. While everyone is sure to remember Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) killing her creator Ford (Anthony Hopkins), there are several other things you may not remember, that created questions we hope will be answered in season 2. 

Will the robots gain consciousness? This is perhaps the question that is first and foremost on everyone’s mind.  Ford didn’t think they could, at first, but after he changed his mind he started freeing the hosts so they couldn’t be controlled by humans. Does this mean they will evolve this season? With Ford’s death we think that is a good possibility, yet with all the twists and turns this series brings to us it’s possible that the consciousness is just another part of the hosts’ program.

What about Maeve? The last we saw of Maeve (Thandie Newton) she decided to stay in the park and look for her daughter, thus starting to make her own decisions. Will she find her? What will she do to get her back? We have a feeling there might be a violent ending to this storyline.

Where in the world is Stubbs? Luke Hemsworth’s character Ashley Stubbs was taken by Ghost Nation and never seen again. Will he come back? So far nothing has been said about this plot-thread, but we have a feeling it will suddenly pop up out of nowhere.




What will the Man In Black Do Now? It’s been no secret that The Man In Black (Ed Harris) was evil, not to mention pretty crazy, but what we don’t know is just what he’s going to do next. When he got shot in the arm in the season finale, he gave a smile that said “finally, the game’s about to begin.” Out of everyone in the park he looks like he is the only one who is enjoying himself after the revolution began. What does this mean? Expect the stakes to be much higher, and his role to get much more complicated and dark. 

Where will Westworld take us next? We’ve known that there are other parks, in different places and times, but we’ve yet to see them. We’re hoping that season 2 will at least show us a glimpse of them. Wouldn’t it be great to see the wild west cross over with the stone age, or medieval times? The possibilities are endless, and leaves the series with a whole lot of story options.



Can Peter fix things? Peter was sent off on a train out of Westworld. He was to be the back-up plan in case the park went all to hell. He was given all the knowledge of the scientists and the technology. Can he save the park? Where did he end up? We have a feeling there may be a lot more to Peter than just being a back-up. Think for a moment, if he was given all the knowledge, including Ford’s, who is to say that he wouldn’t come to the conclusion that the park needed to be changed, and use the knowledge he’d obtained against the park? Just saying.

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