Deadpool Goes Pink And Wants Your Help To Fight Cancer

The latest installment of the Deadpool franchise isn’t due to hit theatres until May 18, but that hasn’t stopped the foulmouthed superhero from popping up on social media already. Now the “Merc with a Mouth” (Ryan Reynolds in case you weren’t aware) has posted a video stating that he has “a big ol’ heart on” for cancer, and has partnered up with the non-profit organization LetsFCancer.

In the video Deadpool is wearing a pink version of his normal suit, surrounded by pink items, while telling viewers and stroking a stuffed pink unicorn that they can win the suit off his back simply by donating to his Omaze account ( He states “I’m gonna donate the very suit off my back, while giving you a chance to own some movie marketing memorabilia,” before going into ways you can wear the suit if you do happen to win. In order to received your chance to win the suit, all you need to do is donate a minimum of $10, but if you donate more, you can start getting other goodies such as signed posters and BluRays. All proceeds will support the LetsFCancer campaign, which helps support programs and cancer patients. 

“This is one fight where everyone can be a superhero,” Deadpool says. “No superpowers, capes, or lame CG costumes needed — just your money. Seriously, we need that. These suits aren’t cheap.”



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