Bruce Willis’ Death Wish Is Exactly What You Would Expect

Let’s be honest, when you go to see a Bruce Willis movie you pretty know know what you are getting yourself into from the start. He’s an action star, and as such he’s never really pushed the envelope too far when it comes to his choices of roles. In fact most of the time you don’t even remember his character’s name (his Die Hard character of John McClane being one of the few exceptions), and you just think of his character as Bruce Willis. Death Wish is his latest film, and well, it is what it is.

Bruce Willis plays Dr. Paul Kersey. He’s a hard-working, well-respected family man who is preparing for his daughter’s college departure while helping his down-on-his-luck brother. Things change though after thieves break into his home while he’s at work. His wife is killed and his daughter is put into a coma. This launches Kersey into a one-man crusade against criminals as he tries to find those responsible. 

Director Eli Roth is known for his gore-ridden horror films, but with Death Wish he takes a step back. Sure there are a few scenes that you may want to turn your head away from, but over all he does a pretty good job of toning it down. The movie takes a bit of time to get moving, but once it does the action is pretty much what you would expect. And don’t go looking for a big, complex plot either as the film basically cuts out the philosophy behind the original 1974 film and the novel it was based on. There’s also a reason Bruce Willis shouldn’t play a doctor. He’s just not that convincing as one. Of course none of that really matters because you are watching a Bruce Willis movie. You simply know going in that there will be plenty of plot-holes that don’t make sense, so-so acting and not much of a story. In the end though it’s all about the action, and if it’s good enough, you’ll suspend your disbelief for a couple of hours and enjoy what you are watching.

Death Wish may not be an Oscar worthy film, but it’s fun to watch. Bruce Willis does his usual job, and if you like his usual films, you’ll like this one too. 

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