Lenka Talks To Real Style About Attune, Being A Producer, Who Inspires Her, Acting And More

Australian singer/songwriter Lenka made a splash when she released her self titled album in 2008. Her single The Show hit the Billboard Adult Top 40 chart, and was used in the 2011 film Moneyball. Her second album Two featured the track Everything All At Once, which Microsoft licensed to be part of a commercial for Windows 8. Her latest album Attune, her fifth, was recently released on October 13th, and we had a chance to speak with her about it.

Did you try anything different musically while putting this album together? 
Definitely yes. I produced this album, which is a first time for me. I did the beats programming myself and played a lot of the instruments. I played around with a sort of tropical sound, which I haven’t really done before. Beats with marimbas and synths. The mood sways from light to dark throughout the album.

Your lyrics are always so poetic and full of meaning, where do you come up with them?
Just from the way I feel about stuff I guess, and what I absorb around me. For this album I didn’t push myself, I only wrote when ideas came naturally. If an image struck me, or a memory, a metaphor or a melody. As always, there is a lot of nature imagery, this time inspired by my move to the country.

What does the album’s title Attune refer to?
I must admit I was looking in the thesaurus for words relating to harmony and balance. I was so excited when I saw this word! People rarely use it in conversation but I feel it is very relevant to where I’m at and what the album is about. The example in the dictionary is “He is becoming attuned to his environment “. I also like that it can be read as “A Tune”.

What made you decide to slip into the role of producer for this album?
I just wanted to shake things up. I’m at the point where I won’t bother making new music unless it is very fulfilling for me. I want to learn new skills and nourish myself creatively. And I like being a boss bitch.

Do you see yourself ever producing another artist’s album in the future?
Hmm, I’ve never thought about it! But yes I would love that. Would have to be the right artist of course. Most likely a female singer songwriter.

Who are some musical artists who inspire you?
Recently Lana Del Ray and Solange have been pumping me up. And there are some Annie Lennox moments on this record too.

Are there any plans to go on tour to help promote the album?
Not in a big way, no. I have two little kids and they are so special and beautiful I can’t bear to be away too much. I do little shows when they can be planned out well and I do love playing live, but not endlessly.

Have you started thinking about a sixth album already?
I have, but it’s not an album as much as an audio/visual art piece. It’s an extension of the song Animal on this record, there will be four parts of the River Spirits and I want to film down at my farm.

You’ve acted in the past as well, is that something you think you would like to go back and try again in the future?
Yeah I would like to at some point. If the right job came up I would do it, but I’m not out there desperately trying. It’s a slog going out and auditioning again and again. I felt so liberated when I started my music career and took hold of the reigns creatively. It’s hard to go back to a position where you are just waiting to be hired!

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