Real Style Speaks To The Actors And Writer Of “The Mountain Between Us” On The Red Carpet At TIFF 2017

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Real Style caught up with the stars and writer of “The Mountain Between Us” on Saturday’s red carpet at TIFF 2017.

The actors, Idris Elba, Kate Winslet and Beau Bridges discussed what drew them to the film and the challenges in making the movie. Writer J. Mills Goodloe described why he chose to adapt the popular novel into a feature.

“The Mountain Between Us” is the story of two strangers who charter a flight together, only to see the pilot have a heart attack and crash land the plane on a remote snow covered mountain. Together, the pair must make their way down the mountain in order to survive, even though they are both injured from the crash. They must learn to rely on one another, or their days will be numbered.

With such a strong story line and top talent the movie looks fantastic, and has already been getting its share of Oscar buzz.

By: Roderick Thedorff

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