“Get Shorty” Actress Megan Stevenson On Her Latest Role With Ray Romano

In the new comedy crime series Get Shorty, Megan Stevenson plays powerful Hollywood executive April Quinn. The actress stars alongside the likes of Ray Romano, in a show which explores the mob underworld of Los Angeles. Away from the screen, Stevenson is the quintessential girl next door, whose bubbly demeanour has fuelled her love of acting. Unlike her main character, she prefers the serenity of yoga and family to the fast-paced lifestyle of racing up the corporate ladder. Similarly to April, however, the actress certainly has a passion for her craft. We spoke to the San Diego-born star about her latest role, her experience playing a strong female lead and her ultimate celebrity girl crush.

Season 1 , Episode 3 of Get Shorty airs today on Epix.

Real Style: What can you tell us about your role in Get Shorty?

Megan: I play April Quinn, a studio executive for Gravity Pictures International, who was previously Rick’s (Ray Romano) assistant. When you meet my character, I am very high up at the studio and oversee big franchise movies. April has been written up in the Hollywood ’30 Under 30′ Piece and things are looking good for her until, without giving away any spoilers, Miles Daly (Chris O’Dowd) comes into her life and shakes things up. April is a woman who knows just how tenuous her position in Hollywood is and will do whatever it takes to remain in the game.

Real Style: Can you relate to your character, April, and do you have anything in common?

Megan: In a lot of ways, I look up to April just as much as I feel bad for her- does that sound weird? I can relate to her being a fellow girl who comes to Hollywood wanting to break into an industry that is incredibly intimidating and having to muster up the strength to not let the extreme lows throw you off course. But I do not have the ferocious tenacity that April has. I have definitely cried WAY more than she has and felt sorry for myself in times where April will just trudge forward.

I admire her drive and power. She is very much in a man’s world and completely holds her own. I  have not been as laser focused as her, but I think that is where I feel bad for her. I have a relationship, spend a lot of time with my dogs and family, doing things that are good for your soul, and I do not think April has had much of that. The one guy you meet in Episode 3 is really just a booty call situation and when he arrives at her door she says “I have 20 minutes.” That sums a lot up. That being said, I think things will soon change for her and it will be fun to see how it unfolds.

Real Style: What originally inspired you to pursue acting?

Megan: I grew up as a ballerina and remember playing Clara in The Nutcracker and being way more into telling the story with my facial expressions than through the actual choreography. I loved dancing and expressing through my body, but when I found out you could be on stage and actually talk, I was very intrigued! Also, growing up, my mom watched The Golden Girls, The Mary Tyler Moore Show and I Love Lucy all the time, so I was exposed to these female comedic geniuses from a very young age. I had a very strong urge to be doing what these ladies were doing and would watch the shows over and over and over. Luckily, my mom liked watching repeat episodes as well, so we were a good TV watching pair.

Real Style: If you could have any dream role you wanted, what would it be?

Megan: I would play Lucille Ball. Ideally, it would be a movie about her filming I Love Lucy, and that time in her life. I’m obsessed with her in a very big way.

Real Style: Do you have any role models in Hollywood, and who are they?

Megan: I have had many over the years, but the one that has been the staple is Annette Bening. I love the roles she has played throughout her career and how different they are from one another. Her character in American Beauty is an all-time favourite of mine. She plays the role with such subtle brilliance. I have watched the dinner scene from that movie a thousand times. How she plays off of Kevin Spacey is thrilling. Everything she does in that scene is so unexpected and raw. Her role in Mrs. Harris is another favourite of mine. She is definitely the role model of a truly fearless actress for me.

Real Style: What are your upcoming projects?

Megan: I just did a fun little part in Martin Starr’s (HBO’s Silicon Valley) next indie film, Silver Lake. That should be out sometime next year.

Real Style: Tell us about your favourite ways to relax when you’re off set and away from the spotlight.

Megan: My ideal situation would be going to Hawaii for weeks at a time and being beach bound until my body could not take it anymore. Or going to Europe and travelling around until my feet couldn’t take it anymore. But mainly how I spend my time off is taking my dogs on walks and an occasional trip to the doggie beach in Malibu (which is a great and way more accessible alternative to Hawaii.).

I go to lots of yoga, see my friends and water my plants and herbs (that I just started growing in the back of my house) and then take my dogs on more walks. Some weekends, my boyfriend and I like to take the dogs on road trips just to get away from L.A. California is so great; there are a ton of great places to visit just four hours outside of Los Angeles. I grew up in San Diego and there is still so much of this state that I have not experienced.

Photo: Ryan West 

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